Friday, December 30, 2016

Learn How to Keep Birds off Boats!

Resolve pest bird problems on your boat with effective bird deterrents

Keep Birds off your boat!

Boat owners love nothing more than to head down to the boat for a relaxing day on the water. Boats offer an escape from the hassles of everyday life and the ability to enjoy the great outdoors. Pest birds such as gulls, cormorants and pelicans also find comfort on boats. Boats offer a variety of roosting spots, including the boat canopies, bimini tops, decks, deck houses, booms, radar towers, antennas and lights. But a bird roosting is not the problem. It’s the mess birds leave behind. The last thing a boat owner wants to do is to spend their time cleaning up pest bird droppings. Sailboats, motorboats or speedboats, all of these boats have the potential to attract pest bird problems.

Bird Deterrents for Boats

Keeping birds off boats can be accomplished by using a combination of visual and structural bird deterrents placed on or near the problem area.

Visual bird deterrents work on birds' predatory fear of sudden movement and predator effigies. A new, and highly effective, product of this kind is the Gull-Cat Decoy Bird Scarerwhich is a life-like cat whose head and tail moves. The Gull-Cat Decoy Scares Birds can be positioned on canopies, decks, booms etc. The Gull-Cat Cat Bird Deterrent Scares Birds can be securely tethered at typical roosting areas - boom, mast, rigging etc - on sail boats. Some boats may need more then 1 Gull-Cat Decoy Scares Birds (ex 1 at the bow and 1 at the stern). 

When possible, move the Gull-Cat cat Bird Deterrent Scares Birds every few days to keep the pest birds frightened by its movement. Along with the Gull-Cat Cat Bird Deterrent Scares Birds, other visual bird deterrents such as the Holographic Owl, Firefly II, Scare Eye Balloons, Scare Eye Octopus
Gull Cat Decoy Scares Birds on a boat
and the new Dead Seagull Bird Deterrent can be hung upside down in the death position from the boom, pulpit, pushpit, or basically  anywhere close to the where the gulls or cormorants like to roost. 
The FireEye, an 8" wind activated disk incorporates state of the art visual cues that scientifically affect avian vision. A wide array of clamps enables the FireEye to be installed at critical bird roosting areas on any boat. Make sure the visual bird deterrents are allowed to move freely in the wind and reflect sunlight at the pest birds.

Structural Bird Deterrents for Boats

Daddi Long Legs with Sandbag base
The industry standard for boat bird deterrents has long been the Daddi Long Legs. This unusual product features long, metal arms that move menacingly in the wind and will turn in even the slightest breeze to help keep gulls and other sea birds away from canopies, decks and booms. The Daddi Long Legs comes in a variety of sizes 2’, 4’, 6’ and 8’; choose the size that best fits the bird problem area. The Daddi Long Legs wands can be intermeshed to achieve maximum coverage. When possible, select the size that will allow the arms to hang over or just reach the edge of the deck or area to be protected. Boat attachments are also available for easy installation on booms, decks and railings. The Daddi Long Legs bird deterrent can also be installed with a sandbag Boat base for easy installation and removal.

Birds Spikes can be used to keep gulls and other sea birds off boat antennas and lights. Bird Spikes can easily be snapped in small sections and then glued or zipped tied in place. Bird Spikes can also be nested together to deter sparrows, starlings and other small birds.

Not sure which product to use? Send us an email to with a brief description of your woodpecker problem and we can recommend the best product(s) and/or combination of them to get rid of your woodpecker problem.

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